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Dear visitor,

With a lot of energy and confidence and after years of research and inventory, the preparations for the Flycatcher Rock Festival started last year. We have worked together with very experienced people and companies from the festival world to organize a solid festival with a high-quality line-up. In the end, Flycatcher did not succeed in its set-up, because, despite the preparation, the right experience and knowledge, but certainly also a good line-up, there was not enough enthusiasm for this festival. That made us decide to cancel the festival because of too little interest from other potential visitors. That was a very difficult decision, but there was no other option.

For the festival, all parties involved worked hard to promote and implement the festival in a responsible manner, but the fact remains that due to the disappointing ticket sale, the financial risks were too high. The only conclusion that could ultimately be drawn was to cancel the festival. This decision has not been easy, but it was the only pure option.

In the background, we have been working hard in recent months to limit the financial consequences of the festival and to investigate possible alternatives. The fact is that all input and funds received have been paid to bands and suppliers, but also that there are no further funds left to pay the rest of the claims. To our great regret, this also applies to the people who have bought a ticket, but also to partners such as Stanislaus Brewskovitch who have suffered a major financial setback due to this situation. The situation has been submitted to various authorities and the consequence is that Flycatcher Festival BV will cease to exist.

We are very sorry that this has happened.

This website will soon no longer be available.