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4 aug

great, accessible pop music with authentic indie vibes

Music like this is usually advertised in promo letters with the well-known names of the three big labels on them. NEEVE from Stuttgart play great, accessible pop music with authentic indie vibes that could hold its own in the opening act of Sam Fender or The 1975 at any time. Two bands, by the way, that NEEVE themselves like to cite as inspiration. Their sound fits very well into a time when the Giant Rooks are growing their audience all over the world and, thanks to TikTok, suddenly even have fans in Mexico. 

Flycatcher Festival is cancelled

We firmly believe in Flycatcher Rockfestival and were very excited to have the festival take place.
The organization was started in a structured way. Everyone was enthusiastic about the line up, the location Het Hulsbeek and the way we organized it. But you can't organize a rock festival on compliments alone, and this is apparently not the time for a new rock festival. Ticket sales so far have not gone quite as we had thought. So we have to announce with regret in our hearts that we have to cancel the festival for this year.

Maybe we started promoting the festival too late. Maybe we should have started small. Perhaps potential visitors only buy a ticket (very) late. The fact is that too few tickets have been sold and therefore the financial risks become too big for our partners and ourselves.

Bought a ticket

For everyone who has bought a ticket for this edition, our early believers,
we have sent you an email with restitution options.

Team Flycatcher Festival